GetThis was created to be a source of inspiration by providing local, trendy and unique fashion for all body shapes and sizes. I hope to encourage you to be unique, take risk and dominate life!

About the founder of GetThis - Tonya Seiler

My journey as an entrepreneur was not planned, it was rather chance. Having over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising scene, and the additional support of my super-smart IT guru-husband, I started GetThis.

It began in the October of 2013. As a mom of three adventurous young boys, I found myself running out of time in my day for all my motherly errands. I began to use online shopping for majority of my purchases including groceries and kids clothing. I enjoyed the efficiency of being able to shop from my laptop after the kids were put to bed, I could get everything done from the comfort of my couch!

Three kids later, my body was not what it once was. Finding fashion that I felt comfortable in, felt like a daunting task, especially trying to find it online. My kids were and still are my biggest priority, so finding time for shopping for myself was something that had to take the backseat. When launching GetThis, my goal came down to helping women find trendy, unique and quality fashion for all shapes and sizes, while supporting local brands and labels, online, from the comfort of their home.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, running an online store is no picnic. Creating and maintaining GetThis has been a struggle to say the least, I have found myself in a rut personally and from a business perspective, questioning my purpose more than once. Making my business a success, and being an extraordinary mother and wife in one day, was taking its toll on me. As a women who loves God, I have felt myself change my cognizance.

Its not about me succeeding in these aspects, instead it is about relying on God and allowing him to direct me where I need to be. Its about letting go and enabling God to multiply my time and helping me find the balance.

Now here I am over five years later, absolutely loving what I do, finding local boutiques and brands that make women feel beautiful and empowered in their clothing.

Everyday is an adventure and I am trilled to see where is journey takes me. Thank you following along with me and for all your continued support!

xx, Tonya

PS: I have a passion for supporting fellow mothers, entrepreneurs and local brands. Please feel free to get in touch with me via email me for inquiries, questions, comments, collaborations or if you just feel like starting a conversation. I’ll make sure to get the coffee brewing and try to save some for you - no promises!